17 April 2014

The Curl Holders: Yves Rocher Mascaras

360 Length Mascara, Volume Vertige, Luminelle Mascara Ultra-Volume

General rule of thumb: if you need mascara to hold curls, go for waterproof. Exception? Yves Rocher. Imagine my surprise when I tried not one, not two, but three Yves Rocher mascaras and they ALL held curls without being waterproof! It's definitely time for a de-brief.

360 Length Mascara (£17.50 currently on sale for £12.25 - link here) was the first one I tried. With a standard rubber wand, this mascara is a "middle ground" kinda product - it's not particularly lengthening but naturally volumising, and it gives you that subtle oomph that accentuates your lashes for a daytime look. It's what I use when I'm just popping out and don't need the full strength of a waterproof mascara.

Volume Vertige (£21 currently on sale for £10.50 - link here) is a step up, in the sense that it's a volumising mascara and will give you thicker, more luscious lashes. This is more my usual taste, and I'm happy use this on a day to day basis when I'm wearing neutral and not-so-smokey eye makeup that needs fat lashes. It's still not as volumising and powerful like my Lancome Hyponse Waterproof Mascara, but it's the best curl-holding, water-soluble mascara I've tried.

Luminelle Mascara Ultra-Volume is perhaps the most ineptly named product in the history of the world, because it's the least volumising mascara I have ever used. While it holds curls nicely like the others, the finish is more like just "topping up" your lashes. It's very subtle so it's definitely not for people like me, who are into their massive BADOINK lashes. Perhaps more for people with thick, full lashes but blonde or light brown that want to just tint their lashes black.

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16 April 2014

Murad Perfecting Day Cream SPF30

When I see it's sunny out, I reach for this bad boy - the Murad Perfecting Day Cream (£39 - link here). There's not much that has this much sun protection as this moisturiser has, so already, I'm appreciating it. It also has PA+++ which means it protects against both UVA and UVB.. I think? In my experience, anything above an SPF25 is a solid amount of sun protection that noticeably keeps my face less tan than the rest of my body, so SPF30 is reassuring for me.

What's even better - it's also a great moisturiser. What's EVEN better? Scherzy agrees. Can't be bad (you'd hope).

I'd recommend it for dry combination, dehydrated or dry skinned people - me being the former two. This is because it does go under the skin and hydrates, but it's also super emollient and will soften the dry patches you may have. Because of this, it gives a really smooth finish for your foundation, and I always find that my pores look more blurred and my complexion just looks more 'soft focus'.

One downside I have noticed is that I think the SPF oxidises some foundations - but then again, I think that's a price to pay with most things with SPF. Keeping that in mind, I just use foundations that are slightly lighter than my skintone which fixes the problem.

The packaging is good as well. I absolutely love the packaging of Murad moisturisers because the spout is super long but with a massive hole which means dispensing product is super easy. The screw top is a bit of a faff, but it's something I can overlook given all its other merits.

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