25 October 2014

#BareFacedorBold Challenge - Bare Look #3

Here we are - the last post for my Westfield #BareFacedorBold challenge! We're finishing off with a 'bare' look, and I must say - this is probably my favourite of the lot.

Before I start this look thought, I just wanted to say that I surprised myself during this challenge at how much I enjoyed creating the Bold looks. I suppose coming up with Bare looks are like a day-to-day thing, but when it comes to a chance to really let loose and play with bright colours? Not often. So this was lots of fun, and I encourage you to dig up that lime green eyeshadow you questioned yourself about in the past - it could lead to fun and wearable looks!

Bare #3

Ultimately, I suppose this is my version of a 'cut crease' look. I like to use this technique with a variety of colours, as I love that strong contrast between the eyelids and the crease. It not only makes the eyeliner stand out beautifully, but it also makes the lashes stand out, but still being able to have that dimension using the second shade.

The gorgeous part about this look is the contrast between the stark yet warm Rice Paper and the cool-toned matteness of Copperplate. I hope you liked it!

Remember to check out the rest of the looks by clicking on the photos!

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#BareFacedorBold Challenge - Bold Look #3

So here we are at the last Bold Look for my Westfield #BareFacedorBold challenge! I know I said Bold Look #2 was my favourite, but I suppose I was cheating because today's is also a favourite - in the sense that I would totally wear this out even if it's a bold look, and #2 was more of a creative favourite..? Ish?

Anyway. Considering this consisted the first of the last two looks, I decided to do video tutorials instead!

Bold #3

Chrome Yellow was actually the colour I was looking forward to the most out of the Bold palette I received, and I find it definitely the most wearable. Combined with some shades from the Bare palette, I feel like this is perhaps the most wearable of the three Bold looks I've done. I hope you like it!

Remember to check out the rest of the looks by clicking on the photos!



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24 October 2014

#BareFacedorBold Challenge - Bare Look #2

With this installation of my #BareFacedorBold Westfield challenge, I wanted to make a bit of a point - that just because you go 'bare' on the eyes, doesn't mean you have to be completely 'bare'. That's the great thing about make-up, you can really accentuate what you want to accentuate.

Bare #2

This look is for the early risers, or the "still getting to grips with what eyeshadow is"-ers. MAC's Copperplate eyeshadow could be your new best friend. This eyeshadow is a matte grey, but with a taupey/purpley undertone that prevents it from being that cold, blue-toned grey.

The great thing about this look is that it literally is just Copperplate applied to the eyelid. That's it. It's a colour that is so sophisticated and beautiful on its own, that with the right 'surrounding' make up, it'll look amazing. It also creates a subtle smokey eye that isn't inappropriate for the day time or perhaps even the office.

For me, this was all about the smudged eyeliner, banging lashes, and the further banging lips. I lined my eyes, just until the end with no wing, and smudged it with a bit of Copperplate. This defined my eyes and added to that smokey look.

As for cheeks, I used a peachy tone to warm up the face - Copperplate can be a bit cool on its own. And for the lips, I went in with L'Oreal's L'Extraordinaire in Ruby Opera - one of my favourite reds. The gloss really compliments the matte-ness of Copperplate beautifully.

Happy Friday ;)

Remember to check out the rest of the looks by clicking on the photos!


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