24 October 2014

#BareFacedorBold Challenge - Bare Look #2

With this installation of my #BareFacedorBold Westfield challenge, I wanted to make a bit of a point - that just because you go 'bare' on the eyes, doesn't mean you have to be completely 'bare'. That's the great thing about make-up, you can really accentuate what you want to accentuate.

Bare #2

This look is for the early risers, or the "still getting to grips with what eyeshadow is"-ers. MAC's Copperplate eyeshadow could be your new best friend. This eyeshadow is a matte grey, but with a taupey/purpley undertone that prevents it from being that cold, blue-toned grey.

The great thing about this look is that it literally is just Copperplate applied to the eyelid. That's it. It's a colour that is so sophisticated and beautiful on its own, that with the right 'surrounding' make up, it'll look amazing. It also creates a subtle smokey eye that isn't inappropriate for the day time or perhaps even the office.

For me, this was all about the smudged eyeliner, banging lashes, and the further banging lips. I lined my eyes, just until the end with no wing, and smudged it with a bit of Copperplate. This defined my eyes and added to that smokey look.

As for cheeks, I used a peachy tone to warm up the face - Copperplate can be a bit cool on its own. And for the lips, I went in with L'Oreal's L'Extraordinaire in Ruby Opera - one of my favourite reds. The gloss really compliments the matte-ness of Copperplate beautifully.

Happy Friday ;)

Remember to check out the rest of the looks by clicking on the photos!



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#BareFacedorBold Challenge - Bold Look #2

It's back to the Bold looks today!

Perhaps by doing a bit of a dis-service to the upcoming Bold #3, Bold #2 is my favourite of 'bold' looks I'll be doing for Westfield's #BareFacedorBold campaign this week. It might be partly because Halloween is coming up, or because I just love going all out and playing with colours sometimes - even if the postwoman was the only other person to see it in person!

Bold #2

This looks centre around the beauty of mixing two eyeshadows, and for this I've used MAC's Aquadisiac and Fig 1. Aquadisiac is quite a typical aqua shade with a slight sheen and shimmer. It has a strong silver sheen running through it that makes it quite difficult to use on its own. Fig 1, on the other hand is a matte medium purple which leans a bit pink.

So the first thing I did was to apply a wash of Aquadisiac with my MAC 224, and go over that directly with another wash of Fig 1. This creates the most gorgeous, dark cobalt blue base.

Afterwards, I loaded a flat eyeshadow brush like a madman with Fig 1, and lined my eyes. This is why the look looks quite purple when my eyes are open. I finished off by blending the cobalt blue with another wash of Aquadisiac. Because of its silver sheen, this works wonders to make that really mysterious glow.

To add a bit more drama, I lined the bottom lashline with Fig 1 on the outer corner, and a little bit of Aquadisiac in the inner corner - again, to make use of its sheen.

For my liner, I wanted something a bit smudgy so I went with a winged liner created with a pencil liner. It compliments the soft edges of the look (a gel eyeliner I think would've been to harsh), but still adds to the drama. I also tightlined and waterlined, which defined my eyes further and even went as far as mascara-ing my bottom lashes (which I never do!).

My cheeks were kept pretty subtle when it came to colour. I contoured the hell out of my cheeks with MAC's Mineralise Skinfinish in Comfort, and gave myself a bronzey highlight using Dior's Amber Diamond. The lips were also toned down to a nude, so as to not steal the attention from the eyes.

Remember to check out the rest of the looks by clicking on the photos!



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23 October 2014

#BareFacedorBold Challenge - Bare Look #1

So as some of you may know from my last post, this is my second look for the #BareFacedorBold challenge that Westfield is holding. I was sent two MAC quads to have a play with - one for 'bold' looks, and one for 'bare' looks - and show you guys some of the looks I've created.

Since we had a 'bold' look before (which you can see here!), tonight I'll be showing you one of my favourite 'bare' looks.

Bare #1

This look is completely centred around the gorgeous, dusty rose colour that is Girlie. It's got a satin-y finish that makes it lovely for the day time or any subtle looks with a bit of colour. I applied this all over my lid as a base.

I suppose I was really going for a 'girly' (haha!) almost date night look, so I wanted a bit of smoke. For this, I used Copperplate, which is a matte grey that leans a little bit taupe. I contoured using this, which made Girlie turn a little bit purple and even more girly! It makes a really nice and subtle dimension-maker without being too dramatic.

There were all sorts of highlighting going on with this look. First, I used Retrospeck, which is a sheer light cream with some small flecks of shimmer as a brow highlight. As you can see, it works beautifully to give it that glow. Then I used a bit of Rice Paper - a yellow-based cream satin eyeshadow - on the centre of my eye near the top where my eye pops out the most (sounds gross but you know what I mean). That made my eyes look bigger and the look more brightening.

While I kept the brows quite natural (perhaps TOO natural in retrospect?!), I did want to push it with the eyeliner. I probably could've just used some brown liner to define and leave it understated and classy - but if I was going on date night with Ben, I'm more likely to give myself a bit of a cat eye!

Remember to check out the rest of the looks by clicking on the photos!



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