About LMYU

About LMYU

*Let’s MakeYuUp* was intially created in 2010 as an extension of my YouTube channel – but it seems that they’ve switched roles!

Today, this blog is where I post my opinions and ramblings about beauty products including make-upskincare and occasionally haircare and fashion.

My ethos behind this blog is quite varied, but my main aim is to publish things that I feel can help my readers. Whether that’s by telling you the worst, and saving you some hard-earned cash, or by introducing you to the best in the market. I truly believe that when understood in a correct way, beauty products can really build your self-confidence, and help you achieve your full potential in other areas of your life.

The irony of understanding so much about beauty, is that you can learn to walk outside without any make-up on, and not give a toss!


This blog contains products that have been sent for review, sponsored posts and affiliate links. None of these will ever influence my opinion and what I write.