Joliebox Concealer Brush & Lipstick
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Joliebox Concealer Brush & Lipstick

If I’m not mistaken, I believe the Joliebox lot treat every new subscriber to a Joliebox concealer brush. I got mine a couple of months ago, and to be honest my Sigma P82 and MAC 224 are my go-to concealer tools, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do. A few months on, my Joliebox concealer brush has been getting used pretty much everyday..

Joliebox Concealer Brush & Lipstick

Not for concealer, but for lipstick! That crater you see there is the remnants of my first tube of Rimmel lipstick in Nude Delight and yes – it’s still going strong and avoiding the bin thanks to this brush!

The first and most obvious advantage is that you literally get the most of your dosh that you spent on your lippy. Who knew there was an inch of product below what you see when you purchase (lol shows how often I finish lipsticks)? The brush is thin enough to get inside the tube and shell out the last of your lippy 🙂

Joliebox Concealer Brush & Lipstick

The second advantage is the finish. Unlike applying it straight from the tube, using a brush allows you to apply and build thin layers, which means it looks much more natural and less caked. This is especially true for such a soft and pigmented formula like Rimmel’s Moisture Renew line.

Thirdly, using a brush makes lipsticks last longer. It really seals in the product and combined with the fact that you’re using thinner layers, I’ve been able to tell a significant difference in lasting power with this specific lipstick.

As for the brush itself – it’s the perfect size for a lip brush. I get really annoyed with designated lip brushes because they’re often kinda fluffy, flimsy and stupidly tiny! I find that the shape of this brush lets you apply pressure and covers enough area that you aren’t sitting there forever to apply lipstick. My only complaint was the washing, and find it incredibly difficult to deep-clean – but I think the nature of the product being lipstick and the brush being synthetic and non-fluffy, this was bound to happen!

So yes, I’m very glad to have found an incredibly practical and useful way to use my Joliebox concealer brush!

How do you use yours? 🙂