My Perfect Base Combo #1
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My Perfect Base Combo #1

I am a base freak. I love powders and I love foundations, and I’d say 70% of my wishlist is usually bases! So it seemed apt to keep you guys updated on some of my favourite ways to wear different bases, so here’s my first one! 🙂

My Perfect Base Combo #1

1. Bourjois Healthymix Serum foundation in 55 with my No7 Foundation Brush
I wanted to try this foundation, as I fancied something just above a tinted moisturizer – and this is exactly it! It’s dewy, and enough coverage to even out your skin tone. I do use concealer, but I like how you can see the skin through it, which makes it good for an everyday, uni foundation. I found that your typical foundation brush was the best to apply this, as it gave more coverage than other methods and really sealed in the product. I also liked applying it with my fingers as it really softened the look of the skin.

2. ELF Complexion Perfection powder with a Real Techniques Powder Brush
The ELF Complexion Perfection powder, aside from lightening your skin a little bit, give you the softest finish you could ask from a powder. It mattes foundation down and really sets it, so the dewyness of the Healthymix Serum is gone. For someone who has incredibly oily skin like me, but wants a sheer finish, the combo is perfect. I’ve also started using a new powder brush, the Real Techniques Powder Brush, and am incredibly impressed. It’s so big and soft, and I was amazed at how evenly it distributes product on your face – an absolute winner, and one that often gets overshadowed by the other brushes in the range!

The final result? A natural coverage, but naturally matte look. Really good for us oily girls who find that the only mattifying foundations are full coverage ones, and want something a bit more naturally looking! 🙂

Since the weekend I’ve been trialling a different base so undoubtedly will be writing about it if I find a great way to wear it – but for now, here’s my first offering of My Perfect Base 🙂

What’s your favourite way of getting the same result?
How else have you worn these two products?