So I Cut My Hair.. Myself.

So I Cut My Hair.. Myself.

Hahaha, just the thought that I did that makes me laugh in disbelief. What was I smoking?!

So yes, a couple of weeks ago after uhm-ing and ah-ing over extortionate hair salon prices, I was, by chance, skimming over Style Suzi’s YouTube videos when I came across this one – How To Cut Hair Layers. I was inspired.

So I Cut My Hair.. Myself.
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And this is what I ended up with. Suzi’s instructions are really easy to understand, and she adds some logic to what hairstylists do when they cut your hair. With this in mind, I adjusted it to add some big ol’ layers. I hardly had any layers from the last time I got it cut, and I was really in the mood for drastic, layered hair that will accentuate what is left of my perm from ages ago. So now, my shortest layer is just around my chin area, to my longest hair which is about armpit length when dry.

It was scary, but I was enamored and almost liberated with the feeling of doing whatever I’d like with it. I always find myself not really knowing how to describe the style I want, or looking at the mirror at a hairsalon thinking, “Wish she’d snip that bit off.. oh that snip was a bit much..” and picking at all these little things that seems so miniscule that I didn’t wanna bother the stylist with. You see I’ve never been blessed with a hairstylist I feel completely comfortable with, so until I do, it felt really nice to think something and be able to do it, and sculpt it into a shape I liked. It obviously isn’t a replacement for going to salons, but it’s not bad if you’re a bit low on dosh or feeling like the stylists you know don’t really get you! If this appeals to you, Suzi’s tips will make sure you don’t go too crazy! (Not gonna lie, a bit scared of the comments I’ll get from hairstylists on this post! :P)

Have you ever wanted to cut your own hair?
Has anyone else done it? XD
Now I just need to master highlighting.. somebody stop me before I regret it lol.